Pride and Tradition are real in the communities of the Pulaski Community School District. The new facility improvements will be a great source of pride for the kids, the Pulaski Community School District and the community of Pulaski.


Studies have shown that active, participating kids do better in school.  We have over 3,700 students participating in outdoor activities. The improved facilities may increase these numbers due to the youth programs being able to use the facilities.  Active Kids = Active School = Active Community. We all support each other.


Multiple Sports. Everyone will benefit from this development, from boys and girls high school sports, to band, to middle school programs, to community and youth activities.


We can extend the season for all sports and activities. March, April, and November will all be available for competition with these improvements. Maintenance will be easier and it will extend the season for high school, middle school and Youth programs.


Everything we do in the school district is for the benefit of the kids.  We have chosen, as a community, to build a great future for our kids by giving them opportunities.  The facilities will allow kids a greater chance to participate.


We hosted 104 events at the Pulaski Community Middle School stadium during 2013-14 and we could have hosted more. This doesn’t take into account future competitions and tournaments where we can make money from the events. This means that we won’t have to miss or move games anymore.


Kids are leaving the district to attend other schools.  There will be a greater incentive to stay here with the improved facilities.  As open enrollment creates competition among school districts, this facility will keep our kids here, creating tradition, pride and excellence.