Facility improvements benefit the entire Red Raider Country


Pulaski High School Teams

  • Football / Track and Field (The project will provide a stadium/field our community and school can be proud of)
  • Baseball and Softball (It would provide us the ability to host outdoor practice in March, April and May that otherwise would be indoors)
  • Marching Band (The project will provide a real field to practice on. It will be less stressful on our maintenance crew as they won’t need to be constantly painting lines on parking lots or vacant spaces)
  • Dance and Cheer Teams will find additional hours to practice on the turf field.
  • Tennis (Additional courts that are added will allow us to host WIAA tournaments)
  • Soccer is a fast growing sport in our community. We will have the opportunity to host soccer on the turf field in inclement weather and also will have our own soccer complex at PCMS.

Pulaski Community Middle School Students and Athletes

  • Middle School Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track, Softball, Baseball and Middle School Band

Elementary Schools & PACE

  • Flag football (This program would now play on a real football field. Such an experience will bring excitement to kids who may or may not participate in high school.)
  • Outdoor PACE programs (Our stadium field can have continuous activity unlike a grass field. Growing grass will not be necessary even as the use of our field increases.)

Outdoor PACE Programs

  • Our stadium field can have continuous activity unlike a grass field  (Growing grass is not necessary, the field use will continue to rise)

Community Teams & Groups

  • Youth Soccer (The additional fields will support the growing sport. Hosting youth soccer tournaments increases outside spending at our local businesses)
  • Lacrosse (Additional fields at the high school and the stadium field will allow us to host Lacrosse practices and games)
  • Tennis (The added courts could be made available for public use)
  • Baseball and Softball (These additional, high quality fields are necessary for the increased population we now have playing on them)

Pulaski Community School District

Community at Large