Increased Field Usage

A synthetic turf field allows more hours of usage.  It statistically doubles the amount of hours you can use a field.  Saving the existing stadium at the middle school will allow us to host events there as well.  During the 2013-2014 seasons, we hosted over 104 events on the PCMS stadium. By the end of fall 2014, the field was pure mud.  No longer would soccer practices or games be moved because the field is too muddy or our band having to practice in the parking lot.  Gone would be the days that we cannot read the line markings on the football field because they are pure mud.

Maintenance and Upgrades Needed

Our current facility at PCMS is over 40 years old.  Plans were made to renovate and build a new complex as early as 1999 but time and again, those efforts have stalled. The track at PCMS is deteriorating quickly.  The polyurethane surface is literally coming up in sheets.  We can no longer high jump at this facility as it is not safe.  Soon, the entire track will be unusable.

Improve Safety and Reduce injuries

Torn ligaments, concussions, and twisted ankles that are common with grass turf may be reduced with synthetic turf.

More Opportunities

The baseball and softball fields in Pulaski are overused and there are not enough to house the many kids that want to play baseball and softball from spring through fall.

Quality Opportunities

Access to quality athletic facilities is an important part of the experience for student athletes and is often a determining factor for new families looking for a community to call home.  We want families to be proud to call the Pulaski Community School District home.

Red Raider Pride

Investing in our students, schools, and community will yield long term benefits.  Keep our student athletes home, increase enrollment, and be THE school of choice!